FSP Composite Engineering is a full-service provider when it comes to lightweight engineering solutions. With our solid engineering expertise gained in many competitive sectors as well as in-house software capabilities, we are prepared to take on complete projects or simply assist during peak times. We will tailor our wide range of services according to your needs and convenience.

Explore the wide range of Services offered by FSP Composite Engineering:

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Assembly brake disc caliper wheel nut hydraulic suspension arms and wishbones of race car
3D cad airplane seat with open tray table backerst reclined sqaure luggage beam slim design with forged alu legs
self-locking mechanical assembly glider kinematic joints moving mechanism electric motor
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Our team can accompany you from the first sketches up to the materialization of your products. We can help you identifying the best materials and technologies suited to your application. We will iterate concepts using best-in-class 3D CAD software coupled to our validated modelling skills. Additionally, our past experience makes us comfortable in working through any statutory regulations that might affect your product.

In short we can help with:

  • Engineering layouts and concepts studies
  • Detail design and large assembly’s construction
  • Parametric surfacing and mechanical components design
  • Production of engineering drawings

Finite Element Analysis

To unlock the lightweight potential of your product, FSP Composite Engineering can help you to achieve the best results by using a broad range of high-end CAE techniques. We are using implicit as well as explicit methods depending on the specific tasks. We can analyse and optimise the structural performance of products made from materials such as metals, plastics, composites, foams, and fabrics.

In short we can help with:

  • Finite Element Analysis of static, quasi-static, dynamic or impact/crash load cases
  • Evaluation of all possible non-linear material behaviours, like plasticity, anisotropy, buckling, damage and failure
  • Structure optimisations for stiffness, strength, topology, topography, laminate/layup, (free-)size and (free-)shape

Composite finite element wing leading edge laminate ply direction rohacell sandwich with ud reinforcements stiffness driven design
16g airplane seat HIC dynamic explicit simulation RADIOSS Hybrid type II head impact crash
3d printing topology optimisation organic bracket altair hyperworks optistruct for additive manufacturing
motorsport roll hoop formula 3 fem explicit simulation non-linear material behaviour with load pad
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Production Engineering

aluminium tool with loose tools carbon mountain bike bicycle frame monocoque closed mould
motorsport Front wing mainplane epoxy pattern tools and patterns
plybook composite carbon bike frame CPD layup book ply shape with rosette and material orientation
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FSP Composite Engineering knows quality and repeatability are fundamental for the performance of composite structures. Therefore, we are the perfect partner when it comes to producing comprehensive production information for your components. We can also help you identifying the best production partner for your needs.

In short we can help with:

  • Design of tooling and assembly jigs
  • Creation of detailed plybooks
  • Laser projection data using dedicated software as Catia V5 CPD and CPM
  • Draping simulations, ply flattening and nesting
  • Process simulations
  • Access to a comprehensive manufacturing network

Research and Development (R&D)

From coupon testing up to real-size component testing: You can make use of our strong network of research centres and test institutes for research and development purposes. We will support you in identifying the correct test specification for your application. Additionally, we can correlate your testing data against the corresponding finite element model using our in-house simulation capabilities.

In short we can help with:
  • Coupon testing for mechanical properies evaluation
  • Degradation phenomenon
  • Failure analysis on components
  • Static, dynamic and fatigue testing on real size components
  • Creation of test plans and reports
bracket metal crack failure investigation metallography following fatigue
composite material coupon testing stress distribution sandwich marine structure during bending
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Rendering & Technical Illustrations

render woven T800 carbon fiber bicycle saddle with rails and bonded parts
render aerospace sail plane with polycarbonate windscreen cockpit view
economy class lightweight aircraft seat render belts leather armrest materials details
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We can provide you with photorealistic pictures for product visualization or presentation purposes. Independent of the stage of your product development, we can help in visualizing material and surface appearance, even in advance of starting production of any component.

In short we can help with:
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Instruction manuals
  • Technical illustrations

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