Michael Flanagan, Paul Schischkin, Rocco Passari, FSP Composite Engineering, Cologne

We are a group of passionate Engineers sharing an interest for solving complex technical tasks. In doing so, we mix our engineering knowledge to a “real life” practical approach during every aspect of the development process.

About Us

FSP Composite Engineering advises clients in all sectors that can benefit from lightweight solutions. Our strength is our solid experience in performing complex tasks in the field of mechanical design and simulation of lightweight structures. We gained our longstanding experience in several industries, among others motorsport, aerospace, and sports equipment.

Racing car single seater CAD with monocoque suspension bodywork front wing nosebox


Our professional experience is deeply rooted in motorsport. Since 2006 members of the FSP Team have been actively involved in the top categories of Motorsport, such as Formula One (F1) and the LPM1 category of the World Endurance Championship (WEC). In this performance-driven sector, we have been accumulating an extensive experience in the engineering of advanced composite structures like monocoques, gearboxes, crash structures, wings, bodywork-, and suspension-components.

Design aircraft cabin Catia LOPA 28" pitch


We possess a strong background in the sector of full-composite and lightweight metallic aircraft cabin interiors. Through several aerospace projects, we have gained a strong expertise in this field with a focus on design while considering manufacturing demands, part costs, as well as weight targets. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive virtual dimensioning and validation method to simulate the demanding mandatory static and dynamic tests for aircraft seating. We are happy to contribute customer projects with our unique set of skills as well as first-hand experiences gained through many physical tests.

Surfboard shortboard lightweight fiberglass sandwich 3D with fins

Sports Equipment

In 2000 we started designing and producing lightweight windsurf boards in a small garage. Since then, we have been expanding and refining our experience in other sporting disciplines by making use of different state-of-the–art technologies and materials. Ranging from the marine sector to road racing bikes we have been successfully contributing to creating a competitive advantage from a sound knowledge of lightweight engineering.

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